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Portfolio Management

A one-to-one investing relationship


Like the name implies, Leede Jones Gable’s Personal Portfolio Management program gives you personal attention from your own portfolio manager. We designed the PPM program to bring you professional discretionary investment management with a direct relationship between you and your manager.

The portfolio managers at Leede Jones Gable are a select group of industry professionals who have obtained the highest of industry credentials, and met the most stringent of standards to act as the stewards of your portfolio.

Even more important, your manager makes the tough and time-consuming decisions on your behalf, so you are free to do other things with your time and energy.


Leede Jones Gable’s growing team of portfolio managers provide this service for households with a minimum of $100,000 to invest. For one all-inclusive fee, hire your own portfolio manager to oversee your investments and know that he or she is committed to helping you reach your investment goals.

We can also create a customized responsible investment portfolio that matches your environmental, social and governance values, drawing on the expertise of Leede Jones Gable Responsible Asset Management.


  1. Personal two-way communication with your portfolio manager
  2. Access to investment strategies available nowhere else
  3. Individual securities so you know what you own
  4. No hidden loads or charges, just one simple tax-deductible fee*
  5. We make the difficult investment decisions for you

*Tax-deductible for non-registered accounts