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Ascension Portfolios

Pension-style investment management for families and individuals

Ascension Portfolios are separately managed accounts designed to help you pursue your long-term investment goals. A separately managed account provides access to the expertise of independent portfolio managers not normally offered to the average investor. Unlike a mutual fund, your Ascension Portfolio is invested on a fully transparent segregated basis; you both own and can see the individual stocks and bonds in your portfolio at all times.

Outstanding Investment Managers

With an Ascension Portfolio you receive the benefit of professional investment management, and access to the same level of knowledge, experience and discipline as institutional investors and pension funds. Here is our line-up of outstanding money managers.


Sentry’s consistent, disciplined house style is focused on delivering superior risk-adjusted returns. Its focus is finding the highest-quality, healthiest companies that share specific attributes – attributes that help them weather market volatility and provide the greatest growth potential.

Mandates: Equity Income and US Equity Income


Sionna uses a value approach to manage assets on behalf of institutions (including foundations, endowments and pensions). They seek quality businesses and buy them when they are trading below their intrinsic value.

Mandate: Focused Canadian Dividend

Getting Started

Your Leede Jones Gable advisor can help you select the right portfolio to suit your investment needs, with the flexibility, control and tax advantages of owning individual securities, all for one all-inclusive management charge that is very competitive with mutual funds.