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Terry Wiebe

Investment Advisor, VP, Assistant Branch Manager

Mission Statement
To partner with my clients in a long-term, trusted financial relationship. I strive to provide peace of mind by delivering customized, objective advice designed to give my clients the confidence to pursue their own dreams and interests.

Professional Designations
I possess a Bachelor of Business degree in finance and marketing from Simon Fraser University. I began my investment advisor career in 1991 and have been in this field ever since.

I hold the following professional qualifications: Portfolio Manager (PM); Branch Manager (BM); Certified Financial Planner (CFP); and Fellow of the Canadian Securities Institute (FCSI). These allow me to provide advice on RRSPs, RRIFs, TFSAs, individual stocks; real estate investment trusts (REITs), mutual funds, bonds and more.

Investment Philosophy
My investment philosophy is based on a set of core beliefs that guide my investment decision-making:

1. Investment decision-making involves a conscious trade-off between risk and return.
2. Effective diversification is essential for maximizing return within agreed parameters of risk.
3. Investors are not rational, but are influenced by emotions, the media and inherent biases.
4. Investment prices do not equal value and thus assets are often overvalued or undervalued.
5. Management of downside risk is critical, particularly equity market risk.

While I can never be all things to all clients – I focus on my strengths in portfolio management and financial planning, and when necessary utilize other specialists.

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