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Stephen Whipp, CFP, RIAC

Managing Director, Investment Advisor, Insurance Specialist

Steve is an activist and a passionate guy. He believes that individuals working together can change the world for the better. As a financial advisor with nearly 20 years in the investment business, he helps clients create positive impact with their investments while building and maintaining their wealth. His team at Leede Jones Gable Inc., on Vi ctoria’s Westshore, specializes exclusively in responsible investing.

Complementing his professional work, Steve is passionate about sustainability and supporting local green businesses. His volunteer contributions include former president of the Westshore Chamber of Commerce and the Victoria Values-Based Business Network. He currently sits on the board of the national Responsible Investment Association, and guest-lectures in business programs at Royal Roads University.

Before coming to financial planning in 1997, Steve worked in journalism and non-profit management for over 20 years – exposing him to environmental, justice, community and aboriginal issues across Canada. Highlights included being one of the first western journalists allowed into China in the 1970’s; working on Parliament Hill; being an Aboriginal Band Manager in northern BC; and running public legal education programs in the NWT.
His wide professional experiences have taught Steve a lot about how the world works, how it needs to change and the power of activism and advocacy. He has gained powerful lessons in analyzing corporate behaviour and risks, and was naturally drawn to responsible investing. As a financial advisor, Steve’s experience, personal integrity and progressive values attract investors looking to give back to their local and global communities while growing their personal wealth.


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