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Mark MacFadzen

Investment Advisor

Meet a Team Player……Being an active participant and coach of different sporting teams has taught Mark some important lessons. First, it is with teamwork that a group exceeds an individual’s ability. Second, a coach can be a formative influence for the future. Mark has learned from these lessons that even when not coaching or volunteering, he finds those lessons just as relevant – especially in his career helping individuals and businesses.
Officially born in Chute-des-passes, Quebec, he grew up with his three brothers and one sister in Fredericton. His favorite hang out was the Nashwaaksis Stream, swimming and fishing, and when frozen skating. Mark continues too enjoy those activities today.

Graduated from FHS in 1976, he moved to Calgary where he met his wife Patricia and were married in 1982. They moved to Fredericton in 1985 and started a family, Tyler now 27 and Jessica 26.

Mark’s parents, Ernest and Ina, helped shape the family’s attitude in giving back to the community, as they all have committed to involvement, which helps our youth. They all have helped each other in volunteering for organizations such as Big Brothers and Sisters, youth hockey, soccer, baseball, and youth church programs, along with the pleasure in working at the canteen for the Y’s Men. Mark’s philosophy has been ‘make every experience an adventure, as you don’t know what is coming around the corner, but at least you can be prepared’.

Mark started his financial career after completing his Canadian Securities Course in 1986 while working for the Dept. of Tourism. He joined Richardson Greenshields in 1988, where he completed his Options and Commodities License. In 2001 to 2007 he practiced his investment lessons with a bank owned brokerage firm and since that time completed levels one and two Certified Investment Management course, and has been a member of the Fellowship of the Canadian Securities Institute since 2002. In 2007, under the guise of Wellington West (taken over by a bank owned organization in 2011), he completed the Branch Managers Course and continues to complete other approved educational programs, passed rigorous examinations and meet stringent experience requirements. Mark also adheres to a professional Code of Ethics and he fulfills annual continuing education requirements to remain aware of current planning strategies and financial trends.

As your financial advisor, Mark will coordinate the financial advising process for you. Mark will help you to identify your goals, and he will work with you to implement a series of strategies that will help you to realize your vision for the future.

Investment Planning with Mark MacFadzen

I provide comprehensive financial planning. If we develop a successful working relationship, I can help you to achieve your goals.

Keys to a Successful Relationship: What You Can Expect

You can trust that I will consistently and responsibly perform all requested services and that I will be available when you need me.

I will:

  • treat you with respect, honesty and dignity
  • act as your advisor, putting your interests first
  • strive to acquire a complete and accurate understanding of your goals, your tolerance for investment risk and your time frame
  • explain the implications of the strategies I propose
  • update you by email, mail and phone as required
  • meet with you yearly or as required to review your investment situation

Keys to a Successful Relationship: What I Can Expect

Effective communication and mutual respect are essential to a successful partnership, so I expect:

  • trust
  • respect
  • honesty
  • complete disclosure
  • sincerity
  • commitment

I expect you to understand that my recommendations are always based on your best interest. As my client, you need to know that all investment, advice will be based on the information you provide to me. I expect you to participate enthusiastically in the investment process. Finally, since the growth of my business is achieved through qualified personal recommendations, I expect you to give me an honest opinion of my services and to introduce my services to others.

Keys to a Successful Relationship: Mutual Responsibilities

Working together is essential to effective financial planning. To this end, we both need to make your financial strategies a priority. We will agree to keep each other informed of any new developments that might affect these strategies. And we will agree to take the time to regularly review your investment situation. We will both be honest and forthcoming about your financial situation. We will work to develop mutual trust, respect, and understanding.

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