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JP Lafleur, PM, CIM, BA

Portfolio Manager

JP is originally from Shawville, Quebec, and moved to Victoria in 1997. JP’s professional background includes a term in the Royal Canadian Air Force where he, amongst other duties, was an Air Traffic Controller for one of Canada’s more challenging air spaces. JP joined the financial services industry in 2001, the day after getting out of the Air Force. His blue collar upbringing taught him that nothing came easy and that you must apply yourself in order to succeed. Starting from nothing, he achieved financial independence before the age of 35. He attributes this to both the work ethic he developed modelled after his parents and grandparents but also his never ending quest for personal growth and development.

His mission is now to help others by triggering an epidemic of true financial resilience, to help people maximize their time on this planet, while leaving the world a better place than he found it.

This led him to join Stephen Whipp Financial, Leede Jones Gable Inc. JP feels that taking what is most important in your life and leveraging one’s efforts with like-minded individuals will not only accelerate and magnify the impact of those efforts, but also create a vehicle to ‘do something’ about changing the status quo. He believes you’re either spending your time and money, or you’re investing it…there is no in-between.

Outside of the office JP can be found exploring the great outdoors with his wife and two daughters, either in the forests or on the ocean. He also volunteers a great deal of his time educating children on how to get on a path of financial resilience as early as possible, in context with their other values.


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