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The Leede Jones Gable Difference

The Leede Difference

At Leede Jones Gable, we pride ourselves on the quality of our service, and on the professional excellence of the people who provide it—our investment advisors and support staff. Because ultimately, these are the individuals who create and sustain the client relationships upon which our business is based.

Although our investment advisors come to Leede Jones Gable from a wide variety of backgrounds, they share a number of important characteristics: they are highly motivated, with the ambition and ability required to achieve superior investment returns for their clients.

Such individuals thrive at Leede Jones Gable, because it provides an environment where investment advisors are free to develop their own business with a maximum amount of support and a minimum amount of administrative interference. That is why our investment advisors—many of them alumni of other investment firms—generally regard Leede Jones Gable as the ideal place to build a career.

Another factor contributing to the company’s efficiency is the high ratio of investment advisors to support staff. Even the firm’s top executives are active investment advisors—many having looked after the same clients for thirty years or more.

Our strength is our people.