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About Us

Leede Jones Gable is one of Canada’s leading independent investment dealers providing a full range of investment products and services to clients all across Canada.

Our diverse group of experienced and knowledgeable investment advisors and portfolio managers offer timely, objective financial advice helping clients achieve their long-term financial goals.

As an employee-owned firm, Leede Jones Gable has an entrepreneurial spirit that is built upon a commitment to personal service and professional excellence through our successor firms that dates back to 1987 for Leede Financial Markets Inc. and to 1965 for Jones, Gable and Company Limited, and that remains an integral part of our operations today.

We help our clients achieve their financial goals through hard work, expert advice and the relentless pursuit of excellence in client services.

Where banks and large financial corporations become less focused on the needs of individuals—we, at Leede Jones Gable, have succeeded by adding more choices in how our clients can be assisted in reaching their financial goals. What the future holds for our clients is the promise that we will constantly improve the depth and quality of our services.

Leede Jones Gable looks forward to continued growth and prosperity for our many clients in the years ahead.